Annual Sustainability Report


Positioning H.B. Fuller for Long-Term Success

Our Annual Sustainability Report covers the key environmental, social and governance developments in 2020, providing an extensive view of where we stand in our mission of connecting what matters.

It has now been published annually for six years, previously under the name of Global Responsibility Report, showing the progress of our sustainability targets for the 2014-2025 period and our corporate social responsibility initiatives. Together with our Annual Report and GRI Index, it makes up a fully integrated corporate reporting.

At H.B. Fuller, sustainability is a core pillar of the business strategy aiming to generate value for all the stakeholders through innovation and high-performance adhesive solutions combined with a reduced environmental footprint and operational excellence. Sustainable business practices help our company grow responsibly, positioning H.B. Fuller for long-term success and making a difference for customers, employees, and the planet. We normalize these metrics by metric tons of production to accommodate for changes in output. In 2020, we worked with engineering professional services firm, WSP USA, to enhance and validate our sustainability disclosures.


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