Building Strong Towards Global Responsibility

At H.B. Fuller, sustainability is a priority, and we know that we each have a responsibility to protect our planet.

We are building strong momentum across all our sustainability global goals and social progress – driving positive change not only across the company but in the industry and communities where we operate.

With more than 130 years at innovating business responsibly, it all comes down to being a good corporate citizen and building on that to reinforce our commitment to thoughtfully consider the impact of our operations, people, and products on the environment, the communities where we live and work, and our stakeholders around the world. To consistently improve our sustainability efforts, we focus on:

  • Enabling our customers to improve their products and processes through solutions that help them achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Optimizing our facilities’ operations and process efficiency.
  • Engaging our employees to be knowledgeable about and responsible for safety, wellness, and achieving our sustainability targets.

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