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As the transport logistics industry continues to grow, the focus has shifted to lightweight and thus low-consumption, long-lived commercial vehicles. At H.B. Fuller, we specialize in the development of custom formulations to meet your specific truck and trailer adhesive needs. By leveraging our core chemistry, we continue to develop superior structural elastic technologies that lower the weight of commercial vehicles and reduce the overall carbon footprint. 
Our intelligent use of innovative adhesive technologies enables us to provide high-performance adhesives which take into account individual manufacturing processes and the most varied material combinations, because we understand that energy-efficient vehicles need to meet stringent requirements. To enable their fulfilment, we rely on technically sophisticated customer-specific solutions. Some of those include products designed to help improve the noise damping in vehicles, such as trucks, for enhanced comfort, and weight reduction that is immediately reflected in lower fuel consumption (and the preservation of natural resources).
Specifically, side walls, roofs and floors are produced using sandwich panels out of diverse materials like wood, metal, plastic and ultramodern composite materials in combination with a foam core. But conventional joining methods, such as riveting or screwing, result in damage to the thermal insulation or to the components; fortunately, this is prevented if adhesives and sealants are used because they increase rigidity, reduce the panel weight and help improve insulation.
Our VOC-free, all-weather sealants and adhesives are great for metal to metal bonding and have become the standard in the truck and trailer transportation industry for the construction of aesthetically pleasing “fastener-free” side panels, especially with regards to insulation and energy efficiency in refrigerated trucks. They have superior performance when compared to high-bond acrylic tapes because they have better repositionability, and they allow for a longer-term bond (especially at the hot and cold extremes). Our highly-durable water-based coatings provide environmentally-friendly protection to the undercarriage and pass stringent gravel impact tests.
We also specialize in adhesives designed for temperature-controlled freights, which have a number of key requirements to be unfailingly met including the integrity of conveyed goods, high standards in the area of hygiene, and precise temperature specifications. 
From lower fuel costs through weight reduction and fewer downtimes thanks to reduced corrosion to greater longevity, comfort, and enhanced functionality, our adhesive applications in modern commercial vehicles are multi-layered and highly customized. Talk to an H.B. Fuller expert today about your truck and trailer adhesive needs.

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