Threadlockers for manufacturing and repair.

H.B. Fuller's retaining compounds are engineered to greatly increase the shear strength of cylindrical, non-threaded assemblies. 

These products fill the inner space and surface irregularities between the parts forming a tough, durable polymer, that creates a unitized, strong, precision assembly and prevents corrosion. They are single component, solvent-free compounds that are ready to use right from the bottle or can be easily automated. H.B. Fuller’s retaining compounds are formulated in a wide range of viscosities, gap-filling abilities, cure times and strength characteristics. This technology greatly enhances the reliability and performance properties of slip fit, press fit and shrink fit finished assembly. Even in the best-press-fit application there is only 20% to 30% actual metal contact between the surfaces. Our retaining compounds fill all the voids between the parts increasing the overall strength of the assembly by two to three times that of the original press fit. Other retaining and locking devices, such as keyways, set screws, splines, tapers, knurls, etc., may be eliminated. Machining tolerances can be relaxed, lowering the cost of the assembly and simplifying the assembly process. Improved quality, reliability, cost effectiveness, and ease of use are just a few of the many benefits H.B. Fuller’s retaining compounds bring to improve the manufacturing techniques in your assembly applications.

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